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Artist:       The Pork Dukes
Title:         Ca Plane Pour Moi
Cat. No.:   NDN 55
Format:     7” EP (3 tracks at 33RPM)
Tracks:    Tracks: 1) Ca Plane Pour Moi, 2) Sabredance, 3) Loser
Other:      Limited edition vinyl single pressed on 10 different labels spelling P-O-R-K- -D-U-K-E-S

Contact: www.ndnrecords.com/neatdn@aol.com

The Pork Dukes “Ca Plane Pour Moi” 3-track 7” EP out now on NDN Records

Celebrating their 40th year in the business, The Pork Dukes new 3-track 7” EP “Ca Plane Pour Moi” perfectly catches the band’s trademark punk sound comprised of snotty vocals, loud guitars and a meaty rhythm section.

Tackling both “Ca Plane Pour Moi” and “Sabre Dance” on Side 1 of the EP, the Dukes cover both of these classics by simply making them their own.

“Loser” which first appeared 40 years ago on The Pork Dukes debut LP (1978), occupies Side 2. It’s a lengthy new version, arguably 6 times better than the original.

The Pork Dukes all but invented political incorrectness in punk. You’d be a fool to take them seriously but you’d be an even bigger fool to not enjoy yourself. Drop the needle, and as you listen to the improvised spoken word intro to Ca Plane Pour Moi, crank up the volume, have fun and pork it up!


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