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Artist:       The Rings
Title:         The Rings
Cat. No.:  NDN 53
Format:     10"
Tracks:     1) I Wanna be Free, 2) Automobile, 3) Get yourself Home, 4) I Wanna get High, 5) Teenage Rebel, 6) Shoot you Down,
Other:       Limited edition of 500 copies(350 on yellow vinyl, 150 on yellow / black vinyl).

The Rings 6-Track Unreleased 1977 Recording!!!

"The Rings" 10", out in January 2017, is released as a one-time limited edition of only 500 copies (350 yellow/150 yellow/black) The record is housed in a superb picture sleeve showcasing an unpublished Rings photo by famed rock photographer Ian Dickson.

Formed at the height of the London Punk explosion in 1977, The Rings original line-up consisted of Twink (ex-Pretty Things and ex-Pink Fairies) on vocals, Alan Lee Shaw on guitar, Rod Latter on drums and Dennis Stow on bass.

Having hitched their Punk Rock/Garage sound onto the beast that was the Punk Rock phenomenon, The Rings recorded a seminal one-off ‘77 single on Chiswick Records, the much applauded “I Wanna Be Free” b/w “Automobile”. Sadly, the band was short-lived and this single became all the world ever heard of The Rings.

Until now.

Celebrating the 40th year anniversary of the band’s original single, this January 2017 10” release, eponymously titled “The Rings”, features 6 tracks recorded on a Philips hand held microphone cassette recorder in May of 1977 at a rehearsal space in Saltram Crescent London W9 by Alan Lee Shaw, guitarist/songwriter of The Rings and exclusively owned by him, Copyright Control. 1977.

None of these recordings have ever been released before. They serve as a very rare document to add to legacy of The Rings,

Killer '77 Punk Sound, raw and chuck full ot tight frenetic energy. The spirited live delivery beautifully conveys the magi of 1977 Punk.

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