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Artist:       The Shadow
Title:         The Shadow
Cat. No.:  NDN 51
Format:     CD
Tracks:     1) Punk Rock Agent, 2) As The Sun Sets In The West, 3) Your Love Is Suffocating, 4) Give, 5) Nothing Will Ever Last Forever, 6) It's All Gone Wrong,
                7) Mosquitomen, 8) Love Song, 9) Cure For Culture, 10) Single Line Letter, 11) Anna Manni, 12) Bittersweet & 13) The Shadow
Other:       28 page booklet


Avoiding all the clichés, The Shadow's unique sound (Shadow Rock) is rooted in primal and distorted guitar riffs set against soft and emotional female vocals. Super catchy and highly original, The Shadow's songs (music and lyrics) hold you tight from first listen and never let go.

With an official release date of January 1, The Shadow’s THE SHADOW debut album has already injected plenty of freshness, hope and excitement into 2012.

PUNK ROCK AGENT, all but the signature tune of The Shadow, kicks things into gear by instantly grabbing you with its incessant hook. It proceeds to spin you round the room and doesn’t let go until a good 3 and ½ minutes later when the last note rings out. Punk Rock Agents of the world unite!

While simple on the surface, AS THE SUN SETS IN THE WEST features a melody most bands would kill to have. The song deals with the environment and where we are all heading. As the chorus goes “Soon you’ll be forced to unlearn…”.

YOUR LOVE IS SUFFOCATING, a live favourite, manages to catapult you from The Shangri-Las to Green Day in nanoseconds, while all the time maintaining that fresh and unique Shadow Sound. LOVE SONG with its quirky song structure is a claustrophobic tale about the trials and tribulations of wanted love returned by unwanted love and vice versa (“You want to be alone, partners are there to serve, lost in a crowd of one, easy to lose your nerve”). Once the chorus “I Can’t Love You” hits you in the face at the start of the song, you know you’re not in for any ordinary Love Song.

CURE FOR CULTURE is yet another great example of female vocal harmonies clashing with raw guitars. “There is no cure for culture, There is no hope for art, When objectivity’s been forgotten, It’s time for a brand new start”.

ANNA MANNI is The Shadow’s sprawling and weaving tribute to Dario Argento’s masterpiece “The Stendahl Syndrome”. And if you haven’t heard The Shadow yet, be prepared to discover what the Stendahl Syndrome is all about!

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