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Artist:       The Shadow
Title:         Punk Rock Agent
Cat. No.:   NDN 49
Format:     7"
Tracks:     Punk Rock Agent
Other:      First 50 copies on WHITE vinyl


As part of NDN Records' new limited edition FUCK THE B-SIDE series (strictly limited edition one-sided 7" singles), The Shadow fires on all cylinders and cranks thru' PUNK ROCK AGENT.

PUNK ROCK AGENT, all but the signature tune of The Shadow brilliantly showcases their trademark sound of contrast: Soft female vocals clash with loud distorted punk rock guitars.

Grabbing you by the throat with its instant incessant hook, PUNK ROCK AGENT has you spinning round the room and it does not let go until a good 3 and minutes later when the last note rings out.

Punk Rock Agents of the world unite!

The Shadow's PUNK ROCK AGENT video can be found on youtube.com

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