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Artist:       Sonny Vincent
Title:         P.I.N.S.
Cat. No.:   NDN 43
Format:     Double CD
Other:      40 page booklet in glorious 3D - includes 3D glasses!


“His music - urgent, raw and wild. A great songwriter with something to say. I am a fan!” (Joey Ramone (RIP), The Ramones)

Sonny Vincent (vocalist, guitarist, songwriter) has come a long way since starting his circle in 1976 with “Testors”, a seminal New York City punk band. Back then Sonny was performing at local venues like CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City but, in sharp contrast to so many of the other more trendy NY bands at the time, the Testors ended up remaining a well-known secret. Perhaps this was caused by Sonny Vincent’s inability to fit in on the oh-so-arty New York scene with his straightforward guitar-based punk rock and plainspoken lyrics.

In the years since then, Sonny has fronted a host of groups incl. Shotgun Rationale, Model Prisoner, the Dons and a whole slew of other bands as Sonny Vincent & something or the other (e.g. His Rat Race Choir, The Guevaras, The Extreme, etc.). Sonny has worked with an impressive horde of musicians including Brian James and Captain Sensible (Damned), Dexter Holland and Noodles (Offspring), Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Greg Ginn (Black Flag), Walter Lure (Heartbreakers), Wayne Kramer (MC5), Richard Lloyd (Television), Don Fleming (Gumball), Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys), Ron & Scott Asheton (Iggy & The Stooges), Bob Stinson (Replacements) Moe Tucker (Velvet Underground) to name a few.

Today Sonny Vincent has come full circle and is performing and releasing his music simply as Sonny Vincent. Sonny’s guitar is as loud as ever, his vocals are as gutsy as ever, his music is as relevant as ever. Sonny Vincent himself believes that this album, “P.I.N.S.”, perfectly captures all of the very best aspects of his music. With “P.I.N.S.”, Sonny Vincent has made the ultimate Sonny Vincent album. Sonny Vincent is high energy, high octane, kick ass, unpolished, honest, and loud as hell punk rock ‘n’ roll with the attitude that rock and roll was always meant to have.

The musicians backing Sonny up on "P.I.N.S." include Captain Sensible, Brian James, Wayne Kramer, Richard Lloyd, Noodles, Bob Stinson, Scott Asheton, Arthur Kane, Clem Burke, Rick Ballard, Cheetah Chrome and Scott Morgan. The artwork is done by the one and only Marc Rude (RIP).

Click here to listen to "Jims And An Angel" off "P.I.N.S."

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