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Artist:       Eyeless In Gaza/Lol Coxhill
Title:         Home Produce: Country Bizarre
Cat. No.:   NDN 37
Format:    CD (album)
Tracks:     1) Echoes And Edward, 2) Fragment, 3) November, 4) The Vacant Pool, 5) They Come And They Go, In Shards                 Of Silver, 6) The Odd Fellow's Ball, 7) Creature Piece, 8) Little Suite I: B-Movie Prelude, 9) Little Suite II: Of                 Sorts, 10) Little Suite III: Silver, 11) Little Suite IV: B-Movie Prelude (Reprise), 12) Crepe Paper Heart, 13)                 Rosary, 14) Echoes Of Falmer, 15) Before December, 16) For Edward, 17) Mars Lighthouse I & II, 18) No, 19)                 An Odd Scent Of Heaven, 20) End Theme
Other:      The Tago Mago Recordings - Remixed & Expanded


Originally released in 1982 in France on a limited edition audio cassette tape only, the old Tago Mago recordings have on "Home Produce: Country Bizarre" been infused with new life, new arrangements and with additional new material.

Eyeless In Gaza have undertaken to fuse the Coxhill pieces with their own and on top of it add some new improvisations and tunes to exciting ends. Whereas the original Tago Mago tape was more of a divided piece of work with Coxhill on the one side and Eyeless in Gaza on the other, the result on "Country Bizarre: Home Produce" is a much improved flow and the album now appears as a whole. Martyn Bates and Pete Becker (Eyeless In Gaza) have thus very successfully produced an album that brings the more than 2 decades old Tago Mago material right up to the 21st century, but without the expense of losing any of the character of the original sounds.

Sometimes barely audible, other times alarmingly loud, the sounds on "Home Produce: Country Bizarre" are progressing, going back, exploring, unconventional, sweet, disturbing. You never quite know where the music will take you next, which is one of the albums's major strengths.

Lol Coxhill's performance is mostly done in the vein of some exhilarating saxophone playing to go along with highly improvised tunes. Perfectly complementing Coxhill, the duo of Eyeless In Gaza recorded some of their most free improvisations to date, somewhat in the vein of their critically acclaimed "Pale Hands I Loved So Well" album. Eyeless in Gaza are sometimes very moody and dreamy. The recordings on "Home Produce: Country Bizarre" show more of the under-represented (in the released works) experimental nature of Eyeless In Gaza. Unconventional instruments such as metal pipes and sheeting are taken into use. It is recordings like these that help explain how Eyeless In Gaza produced such original and chameleon-like works throughout their long and varied career.

"Sonic estrangement, remixes & romances, old pieces & old alignments, new pieces and new creations - slotted / crafted / chance factor pieces - we mixed, we matched... Lol Coxhill & Eyeless in Gaza have made something new from the Home Produce/Country Bizarre ... just listen." (Martyn Bates 2003).

Click here to listen to "Little Suite 1: B-Movie Prelude" off "Home Produce: Country Bizarre"

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