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Artist:       Helen Zachariah featuring Zico
Title:         Driving Through The Back Of My Mind
Cat. No.:   NDN 36
Format:    CD (album)
Tracks:     1) Free, 2) You're Not Alone, 3) Another Day, 4) Full Moon, 5) Didn't You Notice,                 6) What You Want, 7) Autumn, 8) Some People, 9) Junkies Of The World Unite,                 10) Driving Through The Back Of My Mind
Other:      Packaged in full color digi-pack containing 8-page booklet with lyrics


Whereas her debut album, “Blow Them Away Into Nothingness”, was recorded and produced in a highly experimental way with emphasis on effects and sampling as well as the use of session musicians, Helen Zachariah’s new album, “Driving Through The Back Of My Mind”, is more of a solid band effort. This second time around the songs are co-written by guitarist Paul Milton, who has been working in Helen’s band for almost 2 years now. Matthew Dermody on bass has also been aboard for a couple of years. Thus Zico, as Helen’s band is known, has been solidly playing and performing the songs on “Driving Through The Back Of My Mind” throughout the last 2 years.

“Driving Through The Back Of My Mind” allows Helen to showcase her multifaceted talent while exploring new musical territories, and it ultimately proves Helen Zachariah’s penchant for timeless and infectiously beautiful melodies. Deceptively simple on the surface, Helen’s music is filled with multiple undercurrents and unspoken spiritual powers.

Stunningly, Helen Zachariah has once again swayed into new directions on “Driving Through The Back Of My Mind”. Her trademark melodic ethereal rock sound with its off-the-wall pop sensibilities are fully intact, but this time Zachariah also finds time to flirt with other musical styles including reggae and ballads.

Lyrically, Helen Zachariah covers a broad spectrum of subjects, though the underlying theme is often a simple life-affirming message to love yourself and one another, always accentuated by her voice which ranges from soft girlish singing to vituperative vocalizing. And if anybody should be in doubt, “Autumn” shows once and for all that Helen Zachariah does not belong in the sunny pop chick category.

The CD smoothly progresses and builds over musical themes and landscapes until the titular and last track, “Driving Through The Back Of My Mind”, perfectly rounds up the album and crowns it as the masterwork it so truly is.

Revered in the Welsh indie scene, Paul Milton honed his musical skills in Germany. Combining stylish grooves with Hendrix-like compositions, Paul was drafted by Helen Zachariah to provide a new dimension to her already-out-there musical package. With his unique talent, Milton masters it all from catchy chord cascades through heartfelt solos.

Matthew Dermody’s accomplished talents has won him praise from the rock and jazz fraternities alike, and he was recently awarded “Best Welsh bass player of the year” by the Swansea Song-Writing Guild.

Joe Gibb is a well-known and much respected producer. His highly original work with new talent has won him much praise in the UK. Gibb’s credits as producer include Catatonia, Leftfield and Finley Quaye.

Click here to listen to "Didn't You Notice" off "Driving Through The Back Of My Mind"

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