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Artist:       The Lords Of The New Church
Title:         Believe It Or Not
Cat. No.:   NDN 35
Format:    CD single
Tracks:     1) Baby Babylon, 2) The Devil You Know, 3) Hashashin
Other:      Tour CD single in white tyvek cover with round window

The Lords Of The New Church are back!!!

The Lords Of The New Church are back! Brian James has always let it be known that he’d never revive the Lords unless everything (i.e. the people, the sound, the whole mix) was perfect. That is why he has waited all of these years. It was either going to be done right or it was never going to be done at all. Of course in a perfect world, Stiv Bators would still be among us.

One listen to the 3 newly recorded Lords tunes on “Believe It Or Not”, and you too will be 100% convinced that Brian James has made the right choice by resurrecting The Lords Of The New Church. The music is what it’s all about, and the new songs rock in a way that will simply shatter any and all false preconceptions of the new The Lords Of The New Church.

In the new line-up of The Lords Of The New Church, founding members Brian James (guitar) and Dave Tregunna (bass) are accompanied by Steven Marque ( vocals), an American by the way, Jez Miller (vocals and guitar), and Ozzy (ex-Stepping Razors and ex-Gunfire Dance (once produced by Brian James) - drums).

“Baby Babylon”, the opener on the new tour CD single, is a 6-minute opus that starts of with a grand cascade of guitar chords and ultimately ends with Brian James going straight for the jugular, his guitar crankin’ out an amazing barrage of paint-stripping lead, all delivered with a manic energy Mr James hasn’t reached since recording “I Feel Alright” with the Damned back in early ‘77. Yes, it’s that amazing - Be prepared to be blown away.

Next up is “The Devil You Know”, which with its “It’s better to go with the devil you know”-chorus proves to be a super catchy tune, a bit in the mold of Chris D.’s the Flesheaters when they’re at their best. It’s the kind of song that could easily have fitted onto the Lords’ second album “Is Nothing Sacred”, except that it is much rawer and less polished in comparison to most of the band’s previously released material. In short it sounds like the Lords Of The New Church anno 2002. Which it should.

Final track is “Hashashin” which almost didn’t make the cut because of the September 11 events, but fortunately the band decided to go with it in the end. At one time, the plan was to include “Hashashin” (or rather “Nihsahsah”) played backwards! That way you’d have had to find a way to play it backwards yourself in order to hear it forwards, i.e. from start to end and not end to start! Anyway, “Hashashin” is included here in all of its glory, allowing Brian James to showcase a bit of jangly guitar work with plenty a shade from the Middle East. It suits the atmosphere of the song just brilliantly.

The Lords Of The New Church exudes massive amounts of high octane energy and excitement. Don’t miss them live! The Lords Of The New Church is kicking off a massive European tour in March, 2002. A US tour is scheduled for this coming Summer.

Click here to listen to "The Devil You Know" off "Believe It Or Not"


Brian James: Guitar
Dave Tregunna: Bass
Steven Marque: Vocals
Jez Miller: Vocals & guitar
Ozzy: Drums

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