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Artist:       Sex Sex Sex
Title:         Like Crows On The Slaughterhouse Fence
Cat. No.:  NDN 32
Format:    CD (album)
Tracks:     1) Satan's Hot Rod, 2) Room 237, 3) Macabre World, 4) Crows, 5) Devil's Eve, 6) Bop With                The Beast, 7) Absence of Empathy, 8) King Of Rock, 9) Go Zombie Go!, 10) A Stitch For A                Stitch, 11) City Scum, 12) You Hate Me + I Hate You, 13) 13 Knots, Bonus tracks: 14)                Eerie Nights, 15) Hell High, 16) Blood Surfing, 17) Bermuda, 18) Mad Mad Mad, 19) No                Bones, 20) The Cry Of The Damned, 21) Gorehound, 22) Born To Loose, 23) Room 237                (Redrum Mix)
Other:      Includes hidden track, Punk Rock Pioneer, a tribute to the late Joey Ramone


After having released more than a dozen records in Europe, Sweden’s top-drawer destructo-punks Sex Sex Sex finally make their US debut with the brand new “Like Crows On The Slaughterhouse Fence” album, released on NDN Records (NDN 32) February 13, 2002.

Sex Sex Sex came together as a band in 1986 and released their debut single, “The Wrong End Of The Gun”, in the following year. Some 16 years, several singles, albums and line-ups later, Sex Sex Sex have build up a huge cult following all over the world. The band’s self-coined destructo punk genre could also be described along the lines of mean-horror-slut-punk-rock-and-roll. Live and on record, Sex Sex Sex kicks no-nonsense ass with absolutely nothing held back. The band’s music is filled with lots of crunchy riffs married with vocals spit out as if they tasted like garbage.

To further introduce Sex Sex Sex to an unsuspecting US audience, the 13 new tracks on “Like Crows On The Slaughterhouse Fence” are followed by no less than 10 bonus tracks taken from the group’s past works. These songs include Sex Sex Sex covers of classics like Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers’ “Born To Loose”, Roky Erickson’s “Bermuda”, and The Cramps’ “(I Ain’t Nothin’ But A) Gorehound”. This should also give everyone a pretty good idea of where Sex Sex Sex are coming from.

Sex Sex Sex’s trademark music, played with a reckless trashy abandon, is smeared all over “Like Crows On The Slaughterhouse Fence”. They come at you like a zombie shark attack. Enjoy.

And don’t forget that last 24th secretive track either...

Click here to listen to "Room 237" off "Like Crows On The Slaughterhouse Fence"


JJ Decay: Vocals
Damien: Guitar & Bass
Star Punk: Guitar & Bass
Dragboy: Bass
Full Throttle: Drums & Tambourines

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