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Artist:       The Damned
Title:         Ignite
Cat. No.:   NDN 29
Format:     7" EP
Tracks:      1) Ignite, 2) Gun Fury, 3) Neat Neat Neat, 4) Love Song, 5) Hawaii 5-0
Other:      White vinyl with printed insert. Initial copies erroneously pressed with wrong B-side tracks
                (Fever & She's A Monster). These can be spotted by an "Erratum" sticker on the back.


Recorded live in Mulhouse, 1994, this 7" captures The Damned at their riotously best. The EP consists of 4 classic Damned songs "Ignite", "Gun Fury", "Neat Neat Neat", "Love Song", and a hitherto unreleased-in-any-form cover of the "Hawaii 5-0" theme.

It is exactly 25 years ago since The Damned played their first gig (July 6, 1976, at the 100 Club in London). While the line-up has been in constant flux over the years, it is interesting to compare how classic Damned songs have been performed by different line-ups. There is an endless number of possible comparisons to make and, without starting to go into all of those, it is interesting to note that the bass line in "New Rose" has been handled by musicians as diverse as Lemmy and Patricia Morrison!

Different people will have different opinions when it comes to determining which line-up is best, worst or whatever. And, of course, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but the Vanian/Scabies/Moose/Dollimore/Shaw line-up was, and make no mistake about it, one of the best Damned versions ever. In terms of playing the songs compared to other versions of the Damned, one only has to listen to "Neat Neat Neat" from the Mark Radcliffe Radio One Session (November 29, 1993) to get a glimpse of the sheer power emanating from this quintet. Without a doubt, a lot of it has to do with the two guitars. Watching Kris Dollimore (ex-Godfathers) play the guitar, it becomes apparent that he is one of those rare breeds for whom the guitar is not just an instrument but rather a part of himself - a part of him that is directly connected to every nerve cell in his body. The other half of the dual axe assault is delivered by a rock solid rhythm guitar, laid down by the experienced Alan Lee Shaw. When listening to this record, play it loud as hell and surrender to the highly addictive noise, feel & envision the combined power of the guitars as the short Kris jumps in spasms all over stage, his guitar cranking out a lead that will cut through anything, while the tall Alan Lee Shaw, standing calm and collected, provides the perfect accompaniment with his intense cascade of chords.

If you've been lucky enough to experience this line-up live, you'll know what we're talking about here. If not then too bad for you, but now at least you have this fully loaded EP to turn to.

The cover artwork used (front & back) was originally designed by Michael Beal for The Black Album, but it was rejected back in 1980. It is therefore with great delectation that we, some 21 year later, finally can present this piece of classic Damned artwork.

Dave Vanian: Vocals
Rat Scabies: Drums
Kris Dollimore: Guitar
Alan Lee Shaw: Guitar
Moose: Bass

Click here to listen to "Fever" off "Ignite" (mispressed copies only)

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