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Artist:       Bride Just Died
Title:         All Hallow's Eve
Cat. No.:   NDN 25 (Bar code: 8 09550 00252 2)
Format:    CD (Album)
Tracks:     1) All Hallow's Eve, 2) Ghost Story, 3) Rosemary's Baby, 4) London After Midnight,                  5) Jack's Theme, 6) The Hills Have Eyes, 7) Prettykill, 8) Deadbeat, 9) When                  Nightmares Begin, 10) The Legacy, 11) Something Wicked This Way Comes, 12)...
Other:      Comes with 8 page booklet containing lyrics to all songs

Bride Just Died Coming To Your House This Halloween!

The time has come to tell the tale - Bride Just Died's debut album is finally here - mummify your pets and daughters!

Bride Just Died started in Birmingham, the UK, some 6 years ago. After many line-up changes, the band finally arrived in the shape of a three piece: Rob (guitar), Rich (drums + backing vox) and Checkley (bass + lead vox). Soon establishing themselves as a raw-as-hell punk n' roll band, they entered the studio and emerged with the "We Are The Hungry" 7" EP (NDN 14). That session also produced a speeded up version of the Damned's classic "Suicide", which found its way onto the "It's A Damned Damned Damned World" compilation CD (NDN 12). Not long after all this, Rob stepped down from the guitar spot and was soon replaced by Tat. At the same time Checkley hung up his bass to focus on the vocal duties, and from then on Ivan appeared on the 4-string. Bride Just Died quickly grew into a monstrously tight live band.

Come 2000 and it was back to the studio for Bride Just Died featuring a new drummer (another Rich!). 5 tracks were laid down at what is now referred to as the "Rosemary's Baby" session. By the end of 1999, it was so longs to Tat & Ivan. The original Rich and Checkley didn't waste any time regrouping with new guitarist Nic. Soon Ivan was back on bass, but it didn't quite click which meant goodbye to Nic and hello to Martyn! And this brings us to Bride Just Died today - a new line-up, stronger than ever, new songs, catchier than ever, new attitude, worse than ever, and a new solidness, tighter than ever.

Live, Bride Just Died has played with the Groovie Ghoulies, Vice Squad, Brian James Gang, and The Wernt to name but a few.

The "All Hallow's Eve" album was recorded in July, 2000, and produced by Rat Scabies (The Damned), who also plays keyboards on the track "Deadbeat".

And watch out for that mystery track at the very end - hands off the stop button when the last song rings out!

Click here to listen to "London After Midnight" off "All Hallow's Eve"

Also available:  Bride Just Died 4-track 7" EP on blood-red vinyl: "We Are The Hungry" (NDN 14)
                        Various (incl. Bride Just Died) CD: "It's A Damned Damned Damned World" (NDN 12)

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