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Artist:       Helen Zachariah
Title:         Blow Them Away Into Nothingness
Cat. No.:   NDN 24 (Bar code: 8 09550 00242 3)
Format:    CD (Album)
Tracks:     1) I Trip, 2) Down Here In Heaven, 3) Try And Make It, 4) Song For S, 5) Ancient                  Text, 6) In Real Life, 7) Love Song For My Muse, 8) Broken Hearts, 9) The Army                  Song, 10) Look At It Closer, 11) The Perfect Crime, 12) In And Out Of Solitude
Other:      Comes with 8 page booklet containing lyrics to all songs


"Blow Them Away Into Nothingness" is the criminally overdue debut album of singer and songwriter Helen Zachariah.

Born and bred just the wrong side of the tracks in Swansea, Wales' second city, Helen has long been an artist renowned locally for her highly original and challenging songwriting.

In the early 80's, Helen's proto-grrrrrl combo "The Greedy Girls" terrified punk gentlefolk and so impressed the then-nobody Liam Gallagher, now in Oasis, that he pretended for months to be a Mute rep before blowing his cover and absconding with a beloved demo, the fate to which may be explained by certain dubious samples (no, this is not a joke, just the plain truth).

On her debut album, Helen Zachariah delivers a diversity of musical genres with a natural ease, fully demonstrating her incredible ability to capture any mood, be it melancholic or upbeat, only to set it free in an astonishing piece of music, always using her voice as the imperative instrument, ranging from beautiful and affectionate to harsh and critiquing.

Helen's music, deceptively simple, always holds numerous undercurrents filled with complexities and implicit spiritual powers. It is this indefinable trait that guarantees the quality and the timelessness of her music, and also makes Helen Zachariah sound so unique.

Passionate, committed and singular in voice and word, Helen Zachariah is an enormous talent whose confinement thus far to Wales is inexplicable, but now poised to end with the release of this - and we do not use this word lightly - EXTRAORDINARY debut album.

Click here to listen to "Song For S" off "Blow Them Away Into Nothingness"

In addition to her musical vocation, Helen is also a gifted artist and has had her paintings regularly exhibited at art galleries in London.

The 12 songs on "Blow Them Away Into Nothingness" comprise a challenge to mediocrity and compromise, and stand as an astringent to the current vogue for cutesy folk chicks. Helen Zachariah's music is not the stuff of weekend warrior flakedom. Helen Zachariah is the real thing.

Also available: Helen Zachariah 4-track 7" EP on green vinyl: "Save The Plants" (NDN 20)

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