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Artist:       Semi-Truth
Title:         You Call
Cat. No.:   NDN 21
Format:    7" EP
Tracks:     1) You Call, 2) Out Of You, 3) Magdalena
Other:      Blue vinyl, 1st 100 copies come with free color art print


Semi-Truth came to life when Jeremy Gluck, singer used 2 b of fabulous legendary legendary surf punkz The Barracudas (they had their folk rock phase but Gluck got over it and smashed the band), asked his friend Richard Angel from the band Alcohol (incl. latter day Saints' Michael Baylis) to give some new tunes a good kicking in the teeth.

With its own triple fresh sound, marred and married with a collision driven between the Pixies and Atari Teenage Riot, this Semi-Truth single is the first new recording by ex-Barracuda heart and mind, Jeremy Gluck, in some 10 years.

Gluck, whose Barracudas are now recognized as the thyroid Flamin' Groovies of their (inter-)generation, is doing Semi-Truth fueled by healthy doses of boredom and repellence. NDN Records is proud to give ya a taste of these first new beliefs in a decade, recorded too fast in souf lon/din over one weekend and countless eons (What kind of idiot mixes every verse wrong?).

"You Call": Personal - first.
"Out Of You": I'm fucked up and I'm proud anti-new age/spiritual fascism rant.
"Magdalena": Two-timed Alan Vega (Suicide) classic done to perfection.

Jeremy Gluck: Vocals & Words
Michael Baylis: Bass, Guitar & Vocals
Richard Angel: Guitar
Peter Rivere: Drums
Stella Ferguson: Bass & Vocals

Semi-Truth. Void of degeneration. Don't miss out on this one. Endz...

Reviews of Semi-Truth's "You Call" 7" EP (NDN 21):

"You just don't know how long I've been waiting to hear something new from Jeremy Gluck. I'm so happy. He's still here, and I can no longer call him Buffalo Bill. His voice makes me feel at home. That slight waver against the strength. That purity and the loss. You can hide this single alongside releases by the Dharma Bums, the Jacobites, and maybe even some of that desert wave rock thrown down by the Gun Club, or the lady Tex and all her Horseheads. All I know is that it ain't going to be hidden by me. I'm singing these songs out the window in the middle of winter and letting the sunsets carry me home." (INK 19, Fall 2000)

" "You Call" begins sorta strangely atmospheric but builds to sideways alt. rock. With great tremlo voice and a cool harmonica solo (honest) over swirling guitar, this is good! Glad to say the other cuts get even weirder so NDN 21 is spot on." (Here Be Monsters #21, September 2000)

"Fronted by Jeremy Gluck (ex-The Barracudas), this five-piece creates pop songs with a rock edge. The vocals are good, except they are constantly being manipulated, taking away from how good Gluck really sounds. Despite the random bursts of noisiness, there's a definite Pixies influence throughout this three-song record." (Impact Press, October/November 2000)

"This band mixes a sound that have elements of the Undertones, Flipper, Cramps, Wall Of Voodoo, very avant alternative cool." (Toxic Flyer #31, 2000)

Click here to listen to "You Call" off "You Call"

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