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Artist:       Helen Zachariah
Title:         Save The Plants
Cat. No.:   NDN 20
Format:    7" EP
Tracks:     1) Save The Plants, 2) She's Head, 3) Supersonic Survivor, 4) The Addict (Demo)
Other:      Green vinyl, 1st 100 copies come with unique silkscreened cloth artwork

This is punk. This is folk. This is fucking brilliant!

"Save The Plants"/"Supersonic Survivor" (Double A-side) is the criminally overdue debut of singer and songwriter Helen Zachariah.

Born and bred just the wrong side of the tracks in Swansea, Wales' second city, Helen has long been an artist renowned locally for her highly original and challenging songwriting. She has also had her paintings exhibited at various locations incl. art galleries in London. It is worth noting that the first 100 copies of this single come with a piece of cloth art, silk-screened from one of Helen's original paintings.

In the early 80's, Helen's proto-grrrrrl combo "The Greedy Girls" terrified punk gentlefolk and so impressed the then-nobody Liam Gallagher that he pretended for months to be a Mute rep before blowing his cover and absconding with a beloved demo, the fate to which may be explained by certain dubious samples.

Passionate, commited and singular in voice and word, Helen is an enormous talent whose confinement thus far to Swansea is inexplicable, but now poised to end with the release of this extraordinary single, produced blind along principles of Zen archery, first take bravado and sheer belligerence by Jeremy Gluck (ex-Barracudas).

Recorded for next to nothing, in no time at the home studio of "Zone" founder Andrew Cadsmore, and with negligible preparation, the tracks on "Save The Plants" merges 2 of Helen's awesome set standards ("Supersonic Survivor" & "She's Head") with the newer "Save The Plants", composed and recorded to a tight schedule dictated by her guardian angels. Another class standard, "The Addict" (acoustic demo version), rounds off the proceedings.

These 4 songs all comprise a challenge to mediocrity and compromise, and stand as an astringent to the current vogue for cutesy folk chicks, with Helen's vocal attack and frankly primitive guitar style providing a wake-up call to a world junk food and Playstation sick. Despite its implicit spirit power, Helen's music is not the stuff of weekend warrior flakedom, as e.g. "She's Head" will prove.

Meanwhile, at the time of writing, Helen Zachariah is busy putting the finishing touches on her debut digital long play platter, "Blow Them Away Into Nothingness", scheduled for release on NDN Records in the fall of 2000.

Reviews of Helen Zachariah's "Save The Plants" 7" EP (NDN 20):

"I'm confused. Psychedelic messages creeping through my mind, and guitars singing about planets and plants and even the vinyl is green. Is it on the wrong speed? No... it's just me. It's a strange spoken word distorted chant in space of sorts, under the rule of songwriter Helen Zachariah, and she has a little help from... it's Jeremy Gluck again, and that's all I need to know to know I should keep listening. It's almost experimental noise fuzz, but with creepy and cool Marc Bolan twisted lyrical secrets driving through the grooves. The flip side is still hit with the waves of distorted fuzz guitar, a sonic drone, but the vocals are more distinct, and a little more cohesive, though just as hypnotic." (INK 19, Fall 2000)

"This is interesting. Helen Zachariah's debut is a cross between the ethereal and the trash zone. Utilizing a variety of guitar and bass sounds, she manages to create an artsy feel that filters everything from shoe gazing pop to anarcho punk to folk. Jarring, enchanting and stand on its own in a weird way. In an increasingly homogenized world musically, this seven inch takes us on a strange journey where the previous rules don't mean much. This is cool."(The Trouble With Normal #48, 2000)

"NDN 20 is a four track EP by Helen Zachariah featuring minimal dubby music with near spoken words. Fragile and spaced out but featuring treated guitars where necessary, this is strange unnerving stuff." (Here Be Monsters #21, September 2000)

"Helen is an artistic songwriter (and a painter) from Wales. The opening track is a meandering and repetitive pop tune. That's followed by a song that drags on with noisy guitar work and mostly-spoken vocals. The B side is not much different than the A side, offering hyper-artsy, noisy, pop with vocals that are probably the best part." (Impact Press, October/November 2000)

"Folky to alternative pop rock from this Wales singer who's sound have a Berlin, S. Vega, Toyah Wilcox, 22 Brides feel with a buzz added in." (Toxic Flyer #31, 2000)

Click here to listen to "Save The Plants" off "Save The Plants"

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