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Artist:       Bride Just Died
Title:         We Are The Hungry
Cat. No.:   NDN 14
Format:    7" EP
Tracks:     1) We Are The Hungry, 2) House That Bleeds, 3) All Hallow's Eve, 4) Norman Bates
Other:      Blood-red vinyl, 1st 100 copies w/unique silkscreened artwork & 2 pages of lyrics


"We Are The Hungry" is Bride Just Died's debut record.

4 horror punk rippin' killer in-yer-face tunes that will leave anybody with a pair of ears with an unsavory taste for more. Fret not as Bride Just Died's debut long-player is out on Halloween (October 31st, 2000), and with its title "ALL HALLOW'S EVE" we really shouldn't even have to tell ya this.

Checkley (Bass, vocals & guitar)
Rich (Drums & backing vocals)
Rob (Guitars)

Meanwhile, here are some reviews of the blood-drippin' "We Are The Hungry" 7" EP:

"Mid-tempo, melodic English punk on blood-red vinyl. It rocks in that Misfits on ‘ludes way."
(Maximum RocknRoll)

"Punk as Fuck - English style."
(Punk Planet)

"Bride Just Died have a sound that have a beat of that old GBH feel only with more of a snotty punk rock n roll feel that have a Trauma School Dropout (NYC) meeting the punk of the Dead Boys that bloody fucking rips. Kinda like a British version of Electric Frankenstein."
(Toxic Flyer)

Spooky, spooky stuff that's uncovered on this slab of blood soaked vinyl. This monster infatuated three piece bang out some killer punk rock n' roll that has a nice old school vibe, not to mention the whole classic horror movie thing that is apparent throughout the product. Great music that just goes start to finish without losing my interest."
(Hot Cherry)

Very Damned, and very good. English horror punks from Birmingham, land of perennial Halloween... Reminds me of 45 Grave, Misfits, and, of course, the Damned. Four excellent songs with Hammer-esque titles like "The House That Bleeds."
(Ink 19)

"Horror punk rock anyone? It's really catchy music from England, and comes on blood red vinyl. If you love the Misfits, you'll like this, as the vocals and playing is right dead on."

Click here to listen to "All Hallow's Eve" off "We Are The Hungry"

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