NDN Records proudly presents:

Artist:       Various artists (24 of 'em)
Title:         It's A Damned Damned Damned World - A Worldwide Tribute To The Damned
Cat. No.:   NDN 12
Format:    CD
Tracks:     25 - See image below for full listing (except for that oh so secretive track...)
Other:      16 p. booklet w/loadsa info on this massive project incl. pix and notes on all bands


24 bands from ‘round the world paying tribute to THE DAMNED. 24 Damned tunes including selections from all 8 Damned studio albums. 24 pieces of anarchy, chaos & destruction, and a whole lotta fun, very Damned'ish indeed!!!

The title "It's A Damned Damned Damned World" fits just smashingly with the album's diversity, and that is not only geographically speaking - 9 countries are represented - but you'll also find a whole world of music featured as well. I.e. diversity in musical styles, covers chosen and languages used! Thus there are selections included from each and every corner of the Damned's career. It's true that you won't run into a song like "Smash It Up" here, but hey! That song has been covered to death by numerous bands already. Instead you'll find a fresh and much inspired selection of Damned tracks - many songs featured here are covered for the first time ever.

If there's one single band in the world that deserves a tribute album, it's THE DAMNED. Therefore, it's a very good thing that we now have IT'S A DAMNED DAMNED DAMNED WORLD, which is THE DAMNED TRIBUTE ALBUM! Don't miss it!!!

Click here to listen to "Liar" off "It's A Damned Damned Damned World"

Here's what the critics said:

"Worth your time and money."

"The good news here is that this record is wonderful. 24 tracks by 24 bands from all over the world put together by the folks at the Neat Damned Noise fanzine and not one misses the mark. The thing about this record is how the bands all manage to not only get the song right, but really catch the spirit of the Damned. Few of these tracks are "faithful" reproductions of the originals, and that's good. Each band has thrown their own spin on the songs, from the lead-off track "Life Goes On" by Million Six (USA) to "Dozen Girls" by Punica Oasis (Germany), there really isn't a track on here that will curl the toes of a real diehard Damned fan. Now if only the Damned would make a record this good again."

"From the local shores, The Hates ("See Her Tonite") and Cheeseburger ("So Messed Up") are the standouts, but one listen to Punica Oasis taking on "Dozen Girls" in their native tongue and you'll be convinced that all punk songs should be sung in German. Sex Sex Sex and La Cry also warrant special mention. The Seattle tribute that featured the Posies and Young Fresh Fellows was a little too commercial; this one is definitely the antithesis. I won't spoil the hidden track for you except to warn you so you make sure you're still there when it hits. Excellent liner info and packaging, too."
(Dr. Bristol's Musical Prescription)

"To say this is a good damned album may seem like a pun, and well it sorta is. This is an incredible record, quite possibly one of the best tribute albums I've ever heard. This would make a nice addition to your collection. The songs come from all of the Damned's albums, which is much better than just a cover album of their greatest hits. This CD is as musically diverse as the Damned were. Oh yeah, it has 24 bands and 24 songs. Coincidence that there are 24 hours in a day? I think not. But seriously this is a great CD, and if you don't know much about the Damned, which you should, then this is a great starting off point. It covers every corner of the Damned discography, and the songs are close enough to the originals that you can get a pretty good idea of what the Damned are all about. Either way you should buy this album."
(Etch Magazine)

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